Eric Meury October 24th, 2017

Update: Request User Interface and Bug Fix

An update to the Create Request UI and Request Template was made. All functions remain the same. We moved the "Require Clients to Review Documents" upload button from at the bottom of the create request screen to directly below the custom email message box. This will make it easier and faster to upload documents for client review when creating requests from templates. We also replaced the Response Type radio buttons with a drop down menu. The result is a cleaner look.


  • Corrected the ReOpen Request to record the profile picture of the firm user that reopened the request

  • Adjusted the email notifications setting so that clients would not receive multiple emails for the same request in the same day.

Eric Meury April 11th, 2017

Update: Disable Portal User

You can now disable any portal account. This prevents the client portal user form accessing any documents. The documents remain categorized via the tagging system. When a new document is uploaded no email or text notification is sent to the client. Request can still be created for the client, however they can not be marked with "Require Portal Login to Complete". Proposals can still be sent. E-Signatures can still be sent. The person grid will indicate if the Portal is disabled.

To disable a portal find the person you wish to disable and open the account in Full Screen mode.

Eric Meury March 19th, 2017

New Feature: Pinned Notes in Activity Stream

You now have the ability to pin a note on a People, Company, Proposals, Projects, and Tasks. Pinned Notes are used for vital messages you want to highlight. Perhaps it is a client's nickname, conversations you want to avoid, or maybe this is your top referring client. Whatever it is you, can be sure the note will not get lost. Pinned Notes will always show up at the top of the activity stream so all team members can easily see it. If the note is no longer valid you can simply delete it.

Eric Meury March 18th, 2017

Bugfix: Person - Fixed fetching historical emails and documents from spouse email address and secondary email addresses.

When you add people (with an email address) into your CRM, Pascal will not only capture all future emails but we do look back 365 days ago and pull in all the historical emails as well as automatically capture any email attachment. Any attachment is magically loaded into the Document Management System insuring that no documents gets let lost in email. A bug existed that prevented this unique function performing correctly only for secondary email address for a person as well as the person's spouse. This bug did not impact the primary email address, which performed correctly. We have now fixed this bug. This unique feature requires that you integrate your email. Learn how to do that here.


  • Historical emails to and from a person's secondary and spouse's emails are now captured in the primary person's contact recorded.

Eric Meury March 17th, 2017

Bugfix: Projects and Tasks with Future Start Date - New Status "Future"

When creating Projects with a future start date the assigned team member was getting a notification of the new project. This notification was premature causing confusing. We fixed this bug and have added a system status for Projects and Tasks called "Future". By default "Future" projects will not show up in the module's grid however, you can change this by adjusting your defaults in the module's filters.

Now, team members will get notified only on the ACTUAL start date of the Project or Task instead of the date the item was created. This will help insure the team members knows exactly what to work on and when.

New Features

  • New System Status "Future"


  • Notification Messages are sent out at the appropriate time.

Eric Meury March 17th, 2017

Update: Projects: Mark Complete and Complete and Archive

Complete and Archive Project and child tasks in less steps. This update will force record the project to either Completed Status or you can Complete and then immediately Archive the project (or projects) and all related tasks.

New Features

  • Red + in Project Module now has Mark Complete and Complete and Archive - Select one or multiple projects